Most importantly,
we welcome our newest members: 
Kate  Willett and Jeannie Hernandez 
We are so glad you joined! 
Minutes from our May meeting will be posted, once they are approved at our next meeting

Daughter of the Year – Kathy Hannig 

Kathy helps with funerals and is also very involved in CDA.  She makes sure we have everything we need to feed everyone at our monthly meetings.  She coordinates with the volunteers who bring food to our meetings and makes sure we have tablecloths and all our paper goods for the meeting. 

 Kathy is on the right in this picture (checkered shirt) alongside her “partner in service”.  We will have to get an “official picture” of her at the next meeting.  

Congratulations… all the same – well-deserved! 

June Daughter of the Month – Donna Price 

This lady is a very busy lady, helping in many areas of this church community.  She is involved in Faith Formation and Bereavement along with many CDA projects.  She has also agreed to be a part of the Tour De Boerne, by taking on the task of supplying the rest stops with snacks and sandwiches.  

Need a CDA shirt?  See Lucia! 

Lucia just joined us in March 2022 and is already making an impact. She is in charge of the shirt sales and is available at each meeting.

Given each order is not returnable nor refundable, we strongly advise you try on the sample.  Fit and material are very personal choices and we want you to be happy with your selection. Lucia will place your order, unless we have your choice in stock.  

You also have the option of bringing your own style garment and she can assist in getting the logo embroidered for you; for an approximate cost of $10.00.  

In either case, you will need to pay for your order in advance and we strongly recommend bringing a check.  (Exact cash is accepted but you may not know how much the total price will be and we do not have the ability to make change.) We cannot accept credit cards for this type of purchase, as the payment is not made to CDA.  It is made to the vendor from whom we order the garments or embroidery work.  

Payments are handled by Lucia.  

Thank you Lucia for your service and gracious spirit! 

Lucia Ruiz