CDA Officers

June 2024 – May 2026
Court #2690

Welcome to our New Officers  (left  of  CDA Texas District Deputy, Heidi Abshire)

Susanne Hanna, Treasurer
Clare Smith, Recording Secretary
Janice Almeida, Regent
Kimberley Goodman, Vice Regent
Debbie Noack, Financial Secretary
“We certainly know we have big shoes to fill; but we know we have the support of the Court #2690, past officers and our faith and church community.  Our prayer is to serve you well and foster even greater enthusiasm and involvement.  
May God’s richest blessings be on you and your family!”

District Deputy         Heidi Abshire

Once upon a time (a long time ago), I was born in a then sleepy town called Fredericksburg, Texas.  Seriously, a long time ago, there were no shops and a teenager’s goal with a license was to drive through town without hitting a red light.

So, what does the above have to do with me being District Deputy – absolutely nothing!  I was born and raised in Fredericksburg, went to school in a two-room schoolhouse called Rocky Hill (now a winery), joined the Air Force after school and then became a civil servant.  I attended church at St Mary’s.  St Mary’s had a CDA court but I never knew this – now this is important.  Honestly, I never heard anything about the Catholic Daughters until about eight years ago when Gloria Villanueva stopped me after church.  I’m just going to say that no one has the ability to say no to Gloria.

Gloria stopped me after church and told me she was starting a court at St Peter’s and asked me if I would be regent and asked me to pray about it before giving her an answer.  Well, I not only prayed but I also researched two things:  first, what is a Catholic daughter and second, what is a regent.  And that is how a roomful of ladies who didn’t know me elected me as the charter regent for court 2690. I was regent for three years in which I continued my research on Catholic Daughters but also on running a court, writing bylaws, creating agendas, creating budgets, learning Robert’s rules and coming up with fundraisers. 

Seven years after I said yes to being a regent, I get a call from a lady while shopping with Jim at H-E-B.  This lady asks me if I would consider being a District Deputy.  Of course, my response was, “who are you?”  She kindly responded with, I’m Becky Brown.  I had no idea who Becky was so imagine my surprise when I learned she was the state regent.  Obviously, I said yes and so here I am. 

Earlier, I mentioned that I had no idea who or what Catholic Daughters are or do.  Why is this important?  Who else doesn’t know what we do or what we represent?  The Daughters are an amazing and powerful group of women that believe in Christ and helping those that need help.  When you have over 400 women in your district that are united in a cause, you can do anything.  My job as a district deputy is to support them.  So ladies, wear your purple shirts with pride and let everyone know that you are a daughter.  You don’t need experience; you just need to be a team member in a wonderful organization and help wherever you can.

Heidi Abshire  DD#42



Janice Almeida

We have been members of St. Peter’s since we moved in June 2020. I will celebrate 53 years of marriage in August to my wonderful husband, Tony Almeida.  We are blessed with two sons who are married to strong women and five beautiful grandchildren – ages 4 to 30!

I accepted the position of Regent to participate in the wonderful work this court does daily.  I am blessed to have our new officers by my side to love and lead our court.    I know we have big shoes to fill but the support we have already received from our past regents and officers has been nothing short of incredible. 

My goal for this court the next two years is growth, generate an even closer community and just simply have joy in sharing the load.  I have described this court like a SWAT team – you put out the call and they show up.  No one asks for praise they just get the job done!  How great is that!?

Vice Regent
Kimberley Goodman 

My family became members of St. Peter’s Church the summer of 2022. Shortly thereafter, my Husband Brian Nellermoe & son Daniel enrolled in the R.C.I.A. program & were confirmed at Easter Vigil 2023. During that time my daughter Abigail & I attended the Women’s ACTS Retreat & I became a Catholic Daughter. 

Fast forward to 2024…my daughter is now currently enrolled in R.C.I.A., my husband & son became members of The Knights of Columbus & now I’m Vice Regent.

Since our very 1st day at St. Peter’s, my family felt welcomed. The Clergy, staff, parishioners, The Knights & Catholic Daughters were always encouraging, kind & accommodating. Everyone is so friendly; we knew that this parish was something special & we wanted to be part of this big family. I started to volunteer & help wherever I could. 

When Dorothy asked if I would consider being an officer, how could I refuse? I know I will have big shoes to fill, but with God’s grace & my fellow CDA sisters helping along the way, I’m excited for the many good things we can do for our parish & community together. I’m looking forward to the responsibility of Vice Regent & working with my sisters-in-Christ. Thank you to the ladies of CDA Court #2690 for giving me this opportunity.

Recording Secretary

Clare Smith 

We have been members of St. Peters since we moved here from Portland, Texas in 2020.  It was hard leaving the coast; be we absolutely love the hill country.  We have met so many nice people at St. Peters.  I have been a CDA member for 3 years.  My husband Kevin and I have been married for 43 years.  We have a daughter and son and are blessed with 5 grandsons.  We enjoy spending time together with family. 

I took a leap of faith and said “Yes” to becoming Recording Secretary and have already been blessed to work with a group of awesome women.  I’m looking forward to following this path that God has planned for me by serving the parish and the community. 

Financial Secretary

Debbie Noack

My husband, John and I moved to Boerne in June 2021 after my husband retired from banking after 46 years and I retired from education after serving as business manager for 19 years.  We will be married 42 years in October. We have two married daughters and two granddaughters—ages 9 and 12.

I joined CDA to meet other Catholic women and to serve my Catholic community and others. I feel very blessed to have been asked to be your Financial secretary for the term 2024-2026. 

My goal for our chapter is to diversify our membership and the way to achieve this I believe is for each of us to attend at least four meetings this year. I am basically a shy person and I had to step out of my comfort zone and come to a meeting and I ended up joining because everyone was so welcoming and fun to be around and I haven’t looked back since then.

Can’t wait to see you at our next meeting !!

Susanne Hanna

I have lived in the Leon Springs/Fair Oaks area since 1977, attending St. Elizabeth Ann Seton for most of my school-aged years.  I joined St. Peter’s in 2000.  My daughter has received all of her sacraments here and I have been a member of the Finance Council since 2014.  The community here has been so good to me.  



My mom was a member of the Catholic Daughters of the America’s at SEAS, and I followed suit, joining in 2022. Since I became a member, I have found a wonderful support system in CDA to enable me to both live and strengthen my faith.  I hope to provide that same light and hope to all I encounter as a member of CDA and in representing CDA in our parish and community.  


As your treasurer, I promise to adhere to the duties to the best of my abilities and I look forward to making some wonderful friends in the meantime.


A Message From Our Incoming Regent

I am humbled to become Regent of this amazing court.  I was given a loved and precious gift; nurtured and cultivated by our past regents and officers.  I benefit from the outstanding work our past regent, Dorothy Meuth; performed and could not be more grateful for her efforts and her example. 

June was once again a very busy month with the Clergy Appreciation Dinner, the Family Fun Fest, handing out Father’s Day cards, helping with the Widow/Widowers Luncheon and supporting the Tour de Boerne.  We were thrilled to find out the number of awards our court earned this year and are truly grateful for the efforts Barbara Vogt put forth to allow the good works by our court to be recognized.  Our awards are the result of effort of many. 

As a convert to the Catholic faith, I have always said I became a Catholic as I felt I was being asked to put arms and legs on my prayers.  Being part of this court, allows me to live out that act of faith.  This court is an amazing group of women, who “show up, suit up and deliver” not looking for praise just the knowledge their efforts made a difference.  I joked at the Clergy Appreciation Dinner that this court is like a SWAT team.  I really can’t think of a better way to describe this group.  I am truly blessed and can only pray I do my job in a way that reflects the quality and strength of this group. 

I am humbled by your choice and even more deeply touched by your support. I look forward to what we accomplish this year. 

Yours in Service

Regent, Janice Almeida